A late fitness test on inform star winger come striker Nathan Simpson, left the gaffer with a dilemma when he declared himself unfit for the season opener. Without a recognised striker available due to daft shit like cricket, pacey Joe Ramsay got the nod after some impressive performances pre-season, albeit not in such an advanced role. Lewis Cocks came into the midfield and Tom CB was also in following good games in the close season. Steve Walker also came in for brother Mark. (Cheers Steve, awesome in those nets).
The team today was impressive and while it can be disappointing to those who didn’t make it or didn’t get on, remember we are a team and a squad. We all play a part in making it successful lads.
For the season opener, it was always going to be tough against The Buck. The visitors had already seen off league champs Mavs in their last two games, although Town had already beaten them in the pre-season cup. It was going to be a close game and the result itself would suggest this. The truth though is far from a 0-0 thriller at Wembley.
At kick-off we were composed and assured and this remained throughout the entire game. We were causing problems without really causing problems. We started to move the ball fast, we competed for every ball and didn’t let up. Tip of the hat to Rob who played up top and did plenty of running to upset the Buck back 4. We just couldn’t create good chances from our hard work.
The first half had few chances for both teams. The Buck though were gifted a PK when Andy controlled a ball in the box which bounced up and hit him in the hand. In my day this was good old ball to hand. No penalty. These days though, anytime that ball hits a hand that’s it. Bullshit if you ask me, it’s not like Davo tried to stop a shot or control it with his hand. Anyway, Stu Foth for the Buck stepped up to tuck the PK away. Only, at the last minute, Stu must have noticed the lesser spotted, yellow breast, pigmy pigeon in the tree above the goal. Knowing that these pigeons fetch £5k for the bird collectors, Stu took aim and humped the ball right over the goal and into the tree. Justice served if you ask me and Steve didn’t need to make the save.
The first half was a professional competent performance. We didn’t create a great lot but we looked good all over the pitch.
In the second half, we spent most of the time in the Buck half of the pitch. They didn’t look like they were going to break us down at all and this meant we could attack more in numbers. Tyler came on for Rob and Jamie came on for Joe pretty early on in the second half.
Most notable chances fell to CB who, on another day would have had a hat trick. After great work by Eddie, he came inside and hit a shot over to the corner flag with only the keeper to beat. He got underneath a cross and header over too, and he knows he could have done better.
Eddie also put in some great work and deserved to try and have some shots with his right rather than his left, but never troubled the keeper.
We battered them in that second half. Harry and Lewis were awesome in midfield, winning everything and being good with the ball. Cocksy played some lovely balls throughout the game and Harry, well, I dont remember Harry ever losing a challenge or giving the ball away. Quality lads.
Despite our effort, great work and attitude today, we just couldn’t get the three points. We needn’t be disheartened with that though. Our performance was great and we kept it clean which never happens in the cheese league.
Some key points of note:

1. Davo loves handling the ball in the box
2. Kyle being throttled and thrown to the ground. But did a cool roly poly so looked ace doing it!
3. Jamie going to head the ball, missing it and not looking ace while doing that. Looked like a lonely salmon trying to get up river. How he escaped Dick of the Day votes is beyond me.
4. Sean’s touch from that high ball and his pass – stop it captain, just stop it.
5. Joe asking for a drinks break – just before kick off! WTF!
6. Tyler has about 20 minutes in him (well done today though mate)
7. Jacob had loads of mazy runs today – class.
8. Jacob got booked again (not class) – making him the most booked player in Wensleydale Creamery League 100 year history (only played 2 and a bit seasons).

Goals next week lads. Away to Colburn. It will be tough but with the effort and attitude we had today 3 points for us. UTT!